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July 20, 2019

Are you struggling to get kids away from screen time? Looking for ways to inspire and nurture that growing sense of curiosity for the youngest member of the family? A popular way to do wonders for a child's body and mind is to help them grow and maintain their own garden, a garden where some playful and fun learning can take place.


Kids will learn about science, nature, and even some math when tending to their plants. It promotes imagination and creativity to children. The garden can produce some great resources to develop communication skills and motor skills as they plant the seeds, maintain the plants and watch them grow.
Now that you've got an awesome idea to entertain your kids, let me introduce you to our garden kits. These range of magical toys are kid-friendly garden projects to try out. It won't take up too much room. Perfect for kids to grow plants, enjoy sensory play and nurture their natural enthusiasm for growing things.

Fairy Garden kit

Let magic come alive with this Fairy Garden Kit from Uptown Farmer Kids. It's a great way to keep your fairy garden nicely contained, and at a good height making it easily accessible for play. You'll surely love this beautiful magical garden craft kit as this does not only beautify your home, it also kindles a love of gardening in kids!
The weather outdoors can be bad and unpredictable at times, but with this little garden, they can water and nurture it every day at home! It’s definitely a good purchase.

Terrarium kits


Another charming way to bring plant life into any space. It's easy to assemble and everything in the kit is high quality. This miniature light up DIY mini garden starter set for girls and boys is adorable. It makes a great gift idea or decor inside or outside your home.
Childhood quickly flashes by so let kids have as much fun. Family bonding activities, like garden projects, build lifelong skills kids will use in the years to come. This is also helpful in establishing routines and responsibilities as you work with them to create a gardening schedule to care and maintain the plants. Maybe even inspire them to help in other areas of the home as well!
Teaching your child to garden helps to instill good habits. Plus, they’ll learn the value of hard work, persistence, and creative problem solving by dealing with the unpredictable nature of a garden. They may succeed and end up with a beautiful produce or things won't work out as they planned. Either outcome is an opportunity for personal growth.