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July 18, 2022

Planting seeds in the soil can mean something much deeper for your child’s mind. When it comes to outdoor activities, there are few activities that promote such diverse benefits for our kids. Gardens and their benefits can be achieved through a variety of settings- from backyard gardens to potted balcony plants to indoor houseplants & terrariums! 

Many studies have shown that students who engage in gardens are more likely to have an increased snacking preference for fruits & vegetables. When children care for their plants they are likely to receive a confidence boost as they grow.Dr. Wendy Matthews, a consultant ofMindprint Learning said, “It is wonderful for building a child’s sense of competence, as they engage in a real life activity that they might have previously seen as only for adults.”

In addition to encouraging healthier eating and a confidence boost, gardening with your children has also proven to improve STEM & analytical abilities. Gardening exercises reasoning, organization, and cause & effect. You can even encourage your kids to do some research on their plant before they begin growing. Help them consider things like: what their plant will look like at different stages in its lifecycle, what part of the plant is edible- if any, if the location of the plant will receive enough sunlight, and what will happen if it doesn’t. Children can also learn about weather cycles, and monitoring insect life around the plant. Soon enough they will be analyzing the natural world around them like a true scientist.

Let’s not forget- the increased memory and focus kids will receive when they invest into a garden project. Reminding them each day to check on their plants and water as needed will also encourage a healthy routine and responsibility.


Choosing to spend time in the garden with your children can benefit them in so many ways! For only $18.00 you can purchase a variety of gardening kits for your child today fromwww.uptownfarmerkids.com . These fully equipped kits can be completed indoors with just a small windowsill so they’re a great way to reap the benefits of gardening regardless of your outdoor space!